Thank you for your interest in the Association of Fundraising Professionals Political Action Committee!

The purpose of the Committee is to provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of philanthropy and the profession of fundraising to contribute to the support of candidates for Federal office who believe, and have demonstrated their beliefs, in the principles to which philanthropy and the fundraising profession are dedicated.

The Committee is non-partisan and dedicated to the protection and advancement of the fundraising profession and philanthropy in its various forms.

Advocacy on behalf of the charitable sector is needed now more than ever. With the 2017 tax law in place, your support will give AFP a voice at the table at a time when we have seen the donor pool already shrinking. One way to address this scenario and actually grow the number of donors in this country is to enact a universal charitable deduction. With keeping these concerns in mind in our charitable sector, the AFP PAC provides AFP and the sector with much-needed visibility.

But the PAC cannot function without generous support from members like you!

The AFP PAC is the only political action committee in America that focuses on charitable giving. Our impact is real. By contributing to the AFP PAC today, you can make a real difference as we work to ensure that the unified voice of fundraisers is heard on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for your support.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals Political Action Committee is a separate, segregated fund established by AFP

Contributions to AFP PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state tax purposes.

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